Showers of Appreciation

So many have been involved to one degree or another in the process of this project since the inspiration for the DreamFlow (R) idea in early 2011.  It is here that I wish to thank them for their support, encouragement, excitement and participation in this journey. 

My greatest appreciation to my coach Mark Fohs for all your time, thoughts, words, zeal and guidance.

Thank you to my patients as they are the original inspiration for the idea and the encouragement to actually make it happen.  I appreciate each of you who listened as the idea developed and took interest as it unfolded. 

Thank you to my Mother for testing and sleeping on the first prototype that I made myself in the early weeks of this project, and for saying it was the best pillow she'd ever used.  Thank you also to my whole family and dear friends (Lisa, Cindy, Gary and Amy) for their encouragement, support, excitement and optimism along the way.

Thank you to Gary for his wonderful photographs, Conor for his fantastic logo design and illustrations, Joseph for all the patent and legal work, Donna for helping with the launch timing and my cousin Lisa for connecting me to those who could further this project. 

Thank you Mathew for mentioning a book on lifestyle design that really helped to accelerate the whole inspiration and turn it into a manifested reality through the ideas and information contained within it.

And finally, to Abraham, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Such deep appreciation for all that you are and give.