Pillow Talk - The Story Behind It

How the inspiration for the DreamFlow (R) Pillow evolved into a pillow to help those who have neck pain and strain while sleeping or upon waking in the morning. 

The DreamFlow® Pillow Story . . .

My name is Dr. Susan Conley.  I am a Chiropractor and have been practicing since 1996.  The idea for this pillow initially came about because I had a desire to find a solution to a problem that a number of my patients were having.  They asked me what I recommended as the “best pillow” for them to use for sleeping, because they weren’t able to find one; and also they had a dozen or more “reject” pillows in their closet in their quest to find one they could call the best.  The rejects were either too hard and firm, too soft, too high, too flat, not comfortable, etc.  The pillow I had been selling in my practice had been the best I had found, but still had a few issues, mainly that it was a bit too hard especially when side sleeping.  Thus the creation of the idea for the DreamFlow® Pillow!

This pillow is doctor-designed and the intention is to properly support the head and neck while sleeping.  As a spinal care specialist, a chiropractor is uniquely knowledgeable about the proper care and support of the neck.  Ideally when side sleeping, your head and neck are best supported if allowed to remain horizontal so that your entire spine is aligned from top to bottom.  Rather than allowing your head and neck to angle downward by a pillow that is too thin, or being overly propped and angled upward by a too thick pillow, this pillow aims to be “just right”.  When using it for back sleeping, there is a curved support for the neck to keep your natural spinal curve supported comfortably.

The concept for the patented DreamFlow® is a “pillow within a pillow”.  Many people feel that "orthopedic" neck support pillows are too firm, and therefore they feel uncomfortable.  This concept was to provide good, firm support underneath or within a soft and comfortable outer layer so that the best of both worlds is achieved.  It is similar in concept to a pillow top mattress wherein there is a softer, more comfortable layer on top that improves your experience and yet still allows for proper support.  This pillow allows for a deluxe, soft, cloud-like experience while sleeping or resting.

There are 2 versions of this pillow to accommodate two types of sleeping positions.  One is specifically for those who sleep on their back and side.  The other is for those who sleep only on their side and never spend any time on their back.