Values and Social Conscience

Values and Commitment - Social Conscience

It was of extremely high importance to find a way to make the DreamFlow (R) Pillow in the USA.  It took time, and finally the right manufacturer for the job was found.  This is a USA made product.  Handcrafted in South Carolina and proud to be.

It was also extremely important that this pillow be made out of non-toxic materials that will not off-gas (as foam does) or cause significant allergic reactions.  Thus it is made of 100% cotton fabric and hypo-allergenic polyester fiber fill.

Another commitment was to have as little impact on the environment as possible by keeping packaging to a minimum and to utilize recycled, reusable materials where possible.  Your re-use of the bag in which this pillow is shipped is very much appreciated.



Return Policy: Due to health code limiting the resale of bedding items and pillows, these items are non-returnable.  If you feel there is a manufacturing defect, please contact us immediately and the situation will be remedied.  

We appreciate your business and hope you are thrilled with your DreamFlow (R) Pillow!