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Measure for your size as follows.  Using a ruler or tape measure in a horizontal position while looking straight ahead into a mirror, measure from the side of your head to the outside of your shoulder.

If that measurement is:
< 5 1/2"   ---> Size Small
   5 1/2 - 6 1/2"  ---> Size Standard
> 6 1/2"  ---> Size XL

Return Policy: Due to health code limiting the resale of bedding items and pillows, these items are non-returnable.  If you feel there is a manufacturing defect, please contact us immediately and the situation will be remedied.  


Side Sleeper Pillow - Standard Size


Side Sleeper Pillow - Standard Size


This pillow is for those who solely sleep on their side and never spend any time on the back. This pillow is thick enough to keep the head and neck in proper alignment (horizonal) while side sleeping.  Inside is a firmly filled insert.  The encasement that covers the supportive insert is filled with a lovely, lofty down alternative fiber that is very soft and disguises the supportive, firmer pillow within it.  This makes it feel nice and luxurious. 

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